About Us

About Us

Harehope Quarry is run and managed by Aquatic Environments, with the help and support of the Harehope Quarry Project, a workers’ co-operative. The site is the home to a number of small rural businesses.

Harehope Quarry (T/A Aquatic Environments)

Harehope Quarry (T/A Aquatic Environments) is the business responsible for the day-to-day running of the site. It manages and promotes Harehope Quarry and provides holiday accommodation at Alder Cottage.

The Harehope Quarry Project

The Harehope Quarry Project is a Worker’s Co-operative that supports Harehope Quarry by undertaking projects that will improve the infrastructure of the quarry for the public, benefit the biodiversity of the Local Wildlife Site and provide community activities and services.

Aquatic Environments

Aquatic Environments is a specialised aquatic environmental consultancy that undertakes project work using unique teams of specialists for work in the public and private sectors. In-house specialisms include marine ecological surveys, (littoral and sublittoral, including the taxonomy), marine and freshwater scientific diving surveys, offshore oilfield infaunal and video surveys, freshwater fisheries surveys including electro-fishing and licenced, white-clawed crayfish survey work.

Rattlin' Tree

Rattlin’ Tree is a fledgling start-up making furniture form locally sourced and processed timber. Ranges in development include fine furniture, products from reclaimed timber and green wood items from the management of woodland at Harehope Quarry. Rattlin’ Tree plans to develop a ‘seed to saw’ business that would encompass tree planting, woodland management, milling and fine furniture production and construction of small homes.

E: rattlintree@gmail.com T: 07401 103404 IG: rattlintree

ANH Artisan

ANH Artisan is a furniture maker and Woodwork school based at Harehope Quarry. Designer and maker Andrew uses over 15 years of woodworking experience to produce unique pieces of furniture for clients primarily made using hand tools. This passion for handtool woodworking is the bedrock of the woodworking courses available which offer woodworking novices the chance to learn and refine core woodworking skills. 

Instagram www.instagram.com/aofanh

Website www.anh-artisan.co.uk

Course Bookings www.craftcourses.com/providers/anh-artisan-furniture-makers