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Inspiration for the Outdoor Classroom
30th Jan 2013
Throughout Spring and Summer 2013, outdoor education providers in Weardale (Co. Durham) are delivering a range of 8 half day workshops, hosted by the Harehope Quarry Project, specifically tailored towards teachers wanting to extend their use of the outdoor classroom.
Harehope Quarry branches out!
30th Jan 2013
Harehope Quarry has branched out with two new teaching and learning sites. These sites will be used for bushcraft, green woodworking, wild food and environmental art events as well as providing a Forest School location in Weardale.
Filming at Harehope Quarry
16th Apr 2012
Filming took place at Harehope Quarry last September for the ITV drama series 'Vera'. This new series will air on ITV 1 on Sunday 22 April at 8.30pm. Harehope Quarry will feature in the second episode on 29 April.
Harehope becomes a LAND Demonstration site
15th Nov 2011
The Harehope Quarry Project has successfully become a LAND learning centre. The learning centres are permaculture projects, who show, explain and describe to volunteers, visitors and an interested public, how the principles and ethics of permaculture are applied to their project. As a LAND learning centre Harehope Quarry will form part of an England-wide co-operative network.
Trees for Harehope
15th Nov 2011
The Harehope Quarry Project has received a grant from Durham County Council for 80 trees. The trees will be planted during National Tree week - 26 November - 4 December 2011.
Frosterlety goes plastic-free!
22nd Nov 2010
Traders in Frosterley, with the help of the ‘Working for a Future in Frosterley’ project, are introducing a scheme to reduce the use of plastic bags in the village. The scheme will be launched on 27 November 2010. Cotton bags will be available in the Frosterley branch of the Penrith Co-operative Society and at Gardiner’s Country Store on a ‘borrow and return’ basis and Turtle Bags at The Village Chip Bar. Frosterley Community School are designing their own bags that will be for sale at £2, with all proceeds going to the school. These will be available in early December.
Celebrating Earth Day at Harehope Quarry
08th Jun 2010
Blessed John Duckett Primary School, from Tow Law, celebrated Earth Day at Harehope Quarry with support from Northumbrian Water Limited. Earth Day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. It was founded by U.S. Senator, Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in 1970 and is celebrated in many countries every year. In the United States Earth Day is celebrated each year on April 22. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.
Working for a Future in Frosterley
08th Jun 2010
The Harehope Quarry Project have been awarded funding to 'kick start' a project in Frosterley to look at how Frosterley can become more sustainable in the light of climate change and peak oil. We are starting the project with a number of film showings at Frosterley Village Hall. These will include 'The Inconvenient Truth' and 'In Transition' on 17 June 2010, from 8.00pm and 'The Age of Stupid' on 24 June 2010, from 8.00pm. These will be be followed by an intial meeting on the 30 June 2010 to explain the project and encourage people to get involved.
The Great Rock Tour
17th Dec 2009
On yet another wet and windy Sunday in November, an intrepid group of children and adults set out to experience the "Great Rock Tour". The group, the North Pennines Rock Detective Club from Harehope Quarry, set out in two minibuses bravely driven by Weardale Community Transport! One minibus went west, whilst the other headed east. The two groups went in search of rocks, which are typical of the North Pennines. A small rock sample was taken from each site within the North Pennines Geopark and will be sent to a Geopark in southern France. The Reserve Geologique de Haute-Provence will be sent the rock samples, which will be incorporated into their "Children of the Earth" monument containing rock samples from around the world.
The Last Wilderness
20th Aug 2009
10th-12th September 2009, 7pm Harehope Quarry, Frosterley The Last Wilderness is a new site-specific creation from Changeling Productions, the theatre company known for creating unique work in unusual places throughout the UK and Europe. The Last Wilderness is the dramatic story of Thomas Allman, a North Pennines hill farmer, faced with the biggest decision of his life. Should he sell his farm to the mysterious stranger who apparently offers him the answer to all his problems? Haunted by the failures and betrayals of the past and his hopes for the future Thomas finds himself journeying to The Last Wilderness, a place where he must face up to who he is and what he is. Performances will take place over three evenings in the beautiful surroundings of Harehope Quarry in Frosterley, an eco-project that explores sustainable living, where the world-famous Frosterley Marble was originally quarried.
The Last Wilderness Arts Workshops
20th Aug 2009
The Last Wilderness is a site specific theatre and music performance at about life in the Durham Dales and the North Pennines, with performances taking place at Harehope Quarry over three evenings from 10th-12th September.
The Harehope Quarry Project - Making progress!
21st May 2009
The Harehope Quarry Project is making progress with a new website and advertising materials, many new educational days on offer and real in-roads being made into the smallholding.
A place for people and wildlife
07th Apr 2009
Harehope Quarry nature reserve continues to develop with a little help from the project but mainly through the unstoppable forces of nature. Habitats are developing naturally and the project continues to provide a space for people to enjoy within these natural changes that are occurring
New recruits expected!
07th Apr 2009
The pitter-patter of tiny trotters will hopefully be heard at Harehope Quarry by the end of April. Miss Piggy or ‘Betsy’ or ‘Ginger Spice’, depending on who is taking to her at the time, is expecting piglets!
Growing with schools
06th Apr 2009
With help from a Northern Green Networks grant we can now offer growing activities with schools. The grant has helped to develop an area for growing, put in a summerhouse to work from and bought tools and resources to start growing with groups!

Next Events

The Tempest
13th Sep 2014
Sat/Sun, 13/14 & 20/21 September, 4.30-7.00pm. Drama in the Dale, Weardale’s Community Play Association, will be performing The Tempest. As part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Open Stages Project, the group will transform Harehope Quarry into Prospero’s island for a promenade-style performance. (Supported by Jack Drum Arts)
Autumn Volunteer Day
04th Oct 2014
10.00am – 3.30pm. Join our regular volunteering event. Tasks will include the continued work on the eco-classroom and nature reserve management. Refreshments and a light lunch provided.
Pumpkin Fling
01st Nov 2014
2.00pm – 3.30pm. Following the success of the pumpkin race along the river, this year we will be having a pumpkin fling. So get designing your homemade catapults and trabuchets. £2 per pumpkin entered. Refreshments available